Juice Yourself Healthy

If you are trying to live a cleaner lifestyle it can be difficult to eat all the recommended foods that you read about. Trying to eat your recommended intake of food and veg can be difficult and can actually put you off a healthy diet because it becomes so monotonous it starts to fell like a chore.

One way that can help you to reach your targeted goals is by juicing. In recent years there have been many arguments for and against juicing but when you do it sensibly and as part of a regulated, healthy diet it is a great way to quickly and easily make the changes you need to.

Getting your ratios right is important and it is recommended that around 80% of your juice should be from veg while 20% should be made up of fruits.

The fruits tend to give the juice a better flavour but because of their high sugar content should not make up the bulk. It is a great and efficient way to make sure you get your recommended daily amount.

You can also get a far more varied range of fruit and veg by juicing because you wouldn’t sit down with 10 different items in front of you to eat, juicing gives you that option.

It is also a great way to get good bacteria, the kind we hear about in adverts, into our guts. Leeks and Bananas that are rich in prebiotics are great for increasing the good bacteria we need.

Veg rich in carotene, vitamin C and e can also help to fight colon cancer while ginger can aid digestion.

In fact, there are a number of vegetables that are shown to have properties that fight cancer producing cells. Getting into a routine of eating these is a great way for your body to help to prevent potential problems further down the line.

If you have high cholesterol you will probably be told a long list of foods that you should stop eating, juicing can help you to eat the foods that help to lower your cholesterol.

Juicing can be a great natural way to detox your body and lower blood sugar levels which can help to combat diabetes.

There are a number of different juicers available on the market at the moment that can fit into most budgets. One of the most popular choices at the moment is the NutriBullet which uses state of the art technology to give you a smoother, pulp-free juice.

You can pick up the Nutribullet in a number of stockists including Tesco Direct but it is worth having a look to see if you can save money by checking Groupon first because they work in partnership to offer you a number of discount codes and coupons.

Juicing can be a great way to start your day and is an easy step to take to start living a cleaner and healthier lifestyle. If you are interested in starting a juice diet it is recommended that you research first to find the best techniques and also the best recipes to get you going.

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